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Visitors to Canada Insurance

Every year Canada continues to see an increase in visitors. According to immigration stats, 60,000 international visitors come to Canada every day; it’s more than 20 million visitors every year. In comparison, most visitors to Canada came from the United States, Asia, the Middle East, and Europe. Including this with the growing popularity of Canada’s parents and grandparents program called Supervisa, and many people are travelling to experience multiculturism wonders.

No matter where you come from or what’s the purpose of your why you’re visiting, it’s essential that all travellers have their own emergency medical health coverage when travelling to Canada. You’ll be left paying out of pocket for any medical and hospital costs accrued while you’re here without it. Using _____________________ to compare rates helps you save money and time while showing you the coverage options that will allow you to experience Canada with peace of mind..

Who needs Visitors to Canada Medical Insurance?

  • New immigrants to Canada often must wait for a three month waiting period before a provincial health plan is in place
  • International students who are studying in Canada
  • Returning Canadian ex-pats, who may need insurance during a waiting period before their provincial health plan comes into effect
  • Skilled workers in Canada on a work permit
  • All visitors to Canada
  • Parents or grandparents on Supervisa

Could I Be Denied A Policy For Any Reason?


Yes, the Insurance company may deny Your coverage if you are terminally ill. Your doctor has advised you not to travel or have specific health conditions the insurance company won’t cover.

Can I get a refund if my plan to Visit Cancel?


Yes, you can cancel your Visitors to Canada’s emergency medical insurance anytime before the effective date. Simply call us or write to us, we will take care of it.


When should I buy visitors to Canada travel medical insurance?


You can buy medical coverage at any time. We recommend that visitor’s insurance should be purchased before arrival in Canada. Suppose the effective date is after the arrival date. In that case, most insurance companies do not cover expenses within 48 hours up to 8 days due to sickness occurring immediately following your policy effective date

Can I Receive Treatment For Pre-existing Conditions If It Becomes Necessary In Canada?


There are many variables here. An insurer may be willing to provide coverage as long as your condition has remained stable for several months. There may be an age cutoff before additional restrictions on coverage for pre-existing conditions.